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Africa's global links deepened with BRI
Release time:2021-03-15
Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China
Release time:2019-06-28
Data of medical devices
We should pay attention to all kinds of risk factors and misunderstandings, and advocate self-health management
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Activity Docking
Settle in China International Import Expo (CIIE) "6+365" One-Stop Trading Services Platform, taking the first step and seizing the first opportunity
Into the Expo "6 days plus 365 days" one-stop trading service platform debuted in Dalian exhibition!
In order to fully implement the driving and spillover effects of China International Import Expo, promote the development of trade liberalization and economic globalization, and cater to the people's eagerness for a better life, China International Import Expo "6 days and 365 days" one-stop trading service platform (hereinafter referred to as "6 plus 365 platform") integrated into the Expo 6 days after the expo star products, health concept products, high-quality international imported consumer goods, Online platform matching services to participate in the current Dalian Import and Export Commodity Fair...
Release time:2021-07-05
Multi-country imports gathered in Dalian, the 6-365 platform continued to expand into the Expo spillover effect
On July 3, Dalian Deputy Mayor Fang Tielin and his team, Shanghai Commerce Commission Deputy Director Shen Weihua, Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission Foreign Trade Development Department Deputy Director Yu Ling came to visit the "6 days and 365 days" one-stop trading service platform booth inspection, Dong Hao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. Vice President, Shanghai Dong Hao Lansheng International Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. Chairman Hua Comfort, Shanghai International Trade Promotion Committee Vice President Yu Chen, Shanghai Dong Haolansheng International Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. Zhang Medium, General Manager of Shanghai International Import Trading Services Co., Ltd., accompanied the visit...
Release time:2021-07-05
The 4th China International Import Expo
Estimated time:2021年11月5日
"Overseas Chinese Lian wuzhou Shanghai Into Bo" - 2021 Overseas Chinese and China Market Summit Forum
Estimated time:2021年11月8日
"Overseas Chinese and the Chinese market" trade services docking forum
Estimated time:2021年11月8日
Forum for Legal Protection and Service Exchange of Import and Export Trade
Estimated time:2021年 11月8日
The “6+365” One-Stop Trading Services Platform of China International Import Expo sincerely invites cooperation partners to participate in and jointly promote the sustainable development of China International Import Expo.
Healthy life
Healthy life
Under the guidance of the concept of comprehensive care for the whole process of life, focusing on people's clothing, food, housing and transportation, as well as people's life and death, we should pay attention to all kinds of risk factors and misunderstandings affecting health, and advocate self-health management
The country's first 3D printed custom steel plate successfully implanted! From "wind mouth" to "wind direction", orthopaedic companies are scrambling to get into the game
Surgical application of 3D printing technology, customized for patients to personalize the internal fixed bone plate for intra-fracture fixation treatment. The customized osteoplasty uses innovative design, its bone contact surface imitates the surface design of artificial joints, is designed for bone-like microporous micropores, is conducive to bone growth between the osteoplastic plate and bone, greatly increasing the stability function of the osteoplate system to the fractured site.
Boost the internationalization of the arms industry, "global medical database" is about to go online!
In 2020, the new crown of pneumonia swept the world, public health facilities in various countries exposed, the world ushered in a new wave of new medical infrastructure. The United States announced a $2 trillion infrastructure-centric stimulus package, the European Union decided to invest nearly 10 billion euros to strengthen the health system, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other related plans, the global health care market significantly expanded, globalization has become a lot of medical enterprises can not miss the opportunity of the times.
Domestic force to catch up with imports! Artificial heart track or shuffle!
Heart Engine Medical focuses on the field of heart failure. According to officials, Heart Engine Medical has four product lines: in vitro artificial heart, interventional artificial heart, a new generation of portable ECMO and an off-body heart warm blood transfer platform. Among them, the in vitro magnetic levitation artificial heart of heart dynamite medical has officially entered the clinical trial stage, and for a heart failure patient waiting for a heart transplant has won valuable time.
World Analgesation Day | Camel man, love peng lead analgesic pump market, the next 3 billion industry "just need" how to force?
Frozen ablation technology, with its wide range of ablation, painless, no general anaesthetic, clear treatment boundaries, real-time image monitoring and other advantages, is considered to be a treatment of solid tumors a very promising therapeutic technology, in recent years has been rapidly promoted in clinical. Because domestic enterprises in tumor ablation equipment research and development investment started late, so in the short term, the first-hand advantage of such imported equipment is still obvious.