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Solemn Statement
China International Import Expo (CIIE) "6+365" One-Stop Trading Services Platform is solely authorized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. The sole official website is http://www.e-ciie.com.
The platform has never authorized any other website to publish relevant information and provide comprehensive services. Please stay cautious and pay close attention so as to protect yourself from fraud. The platform will bear no liability if you apply for the visit or participation through methods other than the official website and suffer losses therefrom. The platform reserves the right to investigate the corporate and individual infringers' responsibilities.
Hereby Declare
China International Import Expo (CIIE)
"6+365" One-Stop Trading Services Platform
6+365" One-Stop Trading Services Platform

The "6+365" One - Stop Trading Services Platform of China International Import Expo (IIE)is built by the government of Shanghai according to China International Import Expo Execution Plan. The platform aims to promote the operation mode of China International Import Expo with "6+365" professional services so that "the Expo lasting six days with the platform serving all year round" can be realized. Meanwhile, the platform provides effint public services to change exhibits to commodities, and offers alldrection multi-mode and channel trading promotion services for companies, commodities, technologies and services all around the world to enter the Chinese market.

The platform features functions including News, CIE Encyclopedia, Comprehensive Services, Trading Delegations, etc., which will provide trading promotion services in all directions for commodities, technologies and services from other countries to enter the Chinese market.

One-stop Service

The platform gathers global leading services providers to provide comprehensive and profes- sional trading consultation and services, facilitating exhibitors, commodities, technologies and services from other countries to enter the Chinese market.


The “6+365” One-Stop Trading Services Platform of China International Import Expo sincerely invites cooperation partners to participate in and jointly promote the sustainable development of China International Import Expo.

Export to China

The “6+365” One-Stop Trading services platform welcomes global manufacturers, traders, procurers, distributors, service providers and professional visitors to settle down, to discover more opportunities for business in the market, and to enjoy more services here.


The “6+365” One-Stop Trading Services Platform provides the latest information of China International Import Expo and news from Shanghai Trading Delegation as well as releases the schedule of Shanghai Trading Delegation supporting activities at the scene of CIIE, where exhibitors and purchasers could make a registration appointment online.

  • China's economy is likely to continue leading the global recovery and achieve a GDP growth close to the pre-COVID-19 level in the year's fourth quarter, after expanding by 4.9 percent in the third, experts said on Monday....

  • To aid Suzhou's economic recovery after successfully controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, Xiangcheng district in the city, Jiangsu province, held a monthlong series of events to encourage nighttime consumption....

  • President Xi Jinping has called for greater resolve and bolder moves to advance reform and opening-up, urging Guangdong province to take the lead in the journey of building China into a modern socialist country....

  • BUENOS AIRES - The upcoming 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE), to be held in November in Shanghai, offers Argentine wine makers the chance to showcase their premium products and increase their market share, an industry representative said....

China Trade Data

To provide accurate and professional services for exhibitors, goods, technologies and services entering the Chinese market

The second term CIIE Data Trade data for nearly a year
  • 1298.33 billion
    [ Cumulative import and export($)]
  • 678.28 billion
    [ Cumulative amount of exports($)]
  • 620.05 billion
    [ Accumulated import amount($)]
  • 180+
    [ Participating countries, regions, int’l orgs ]
  • 3800+
    [ Participating enterprises ]
  • 250+
    [ Participating Global 500s, trade leaders ]
  • 360Thousand
    [ Exhibition area ]
  • 910Thousand
    [ Cumulative visitors ]
  • 500Thousand+
    [ Professional Purchaser ]
  • 711.3Billion
    [ Cumulative turnover ($)]