Solemn statement
China International Import Expo "6 Days + 365 Days" one-stop trading service platform is the only official platform authorized by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, the website is [].
The platform has never authorized any other website to publish and provide similar services, please be vigilant and pay attention to identification, beware of being deceived. The Platform shall not be liable for any losses caused by information or services not obtained through the Platform. The Platform reserves the right to pursue legal liability from infringing enterprises and individuals.
It is hereby declared
China International Import Expo
"6 days + 365 days" one-stop trading service platform
Date: November 5-10, 2022Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
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Background of the establishment of the company
The company's establishment background the "China International Import Expo Implementation Plan" formulated by the State Council: "The Shanghai Municipal People's Government has established a 'one-stop' transaction service platform, combined online and offline, short-term and long-term combination, to promote the operation mode of the '6 days + 365 days' professional services of the China International Import Expo, and to provide a multi-mode and multi-channel direct sales platform for global enterprises to enter the Chinese market."
6+365 platform official public number: import expo transaction service platform
Shanghai International Import Trading Service Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, which is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of the "6 days + 365 days" one-stop trading service platform of China International Import Expo, providing exhibitors, buyers and service providers with "online and offline" combination, multi-channel and multi-mode one-stop trading services.
Innovative import and export matching platform
Pay attention to the development of post-exhibition operations, industries and industrial clusters. Use the concept of digital marketing to reduce transaction costs, improve transaction efficiency, facilitate transaction closure, and ensure transaction security.
6+365 platform medical device plate public number: imported equipment public service platform
The "Imported Devices Public Service Platform" public account is jointly built by the "6+365 days" one-stop trading service platform of the China International Import Expo and the medical equipment of Zhongcheng, the public account focuses on the import and export of medical devices, provides various professional services for domestic and foreign enterprises and service providers, and is committed to opening up the medical equipment industry chain and integrating industry service resources.
Dolibili purchase
As an important part of the "6+365" trading service platform of the Shanghai trading group of the Expo, Duo Li Buy is backed by Donghao Lansheng International Trade Group, bringing together and integrating many imported commodities, domestic sales channels, manpower and other resources within the group, and exploring the "Internet + new retail" model in line with Donghao Lansheng International Trade. Taking the public number and the micro-mall as the starting point, the offline commodity experience hall of the National Convention and Exhibition Center is linked to provide a channel for many overseas small and medium-sized customers and products to quickly enter the Chinese market, and to undertake and amplify the driving effect and spillover effect of the Expo.