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About Us
China international import expo“6+365” One-Stop Trading Services Platform

Shanghai International Import Trading Services Co., Ltd., co-funded by Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. and Council for Promotion of International Trade Shanghai, is mainly responsible for building and operating the “6+365” One-Stop Trading Services Online Platform of China International Import Expo, providing exhibitors, purchasers and service providers online and offline, multi-channel and mode , one-stop trading solutions to help global premium enterprises, commodities, technologies and services successfully enter the Chinese market.

As a large-sized state-owned backbone enterprise group in China’s modern service industry, Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd ranks 125th among China’s Top 500 enterprises and 54th among China’s Top 500 service enterprises. Its operating revenue in 2018 recorded 154.3 billion yuan.

The Group always evolves towards marketization and internationalization, gives prominence to its professional advantage and focuses on such three core businesses as human resources service, exhibition & events service and international trade service and such two business segments as real estate segment and investment segment. Currently, it’s endeavoring to integrate resources and promote energy levels so as to enhance its core competitiveness. Upholding the corporate mission of “Our Service, Your Opulence”, it’s striving to become the “Pacesetter in the Modern Service Industry”.

The Human Resources Service of the Group ranks No.1 in China over the past 20+ years consecutively. Its four items of business such as Personnel Management, Payroll and Benefits, Business Outsourcing as well as Recruiting & Flexible Staffing have been growing steadily and its leading position in the country has continued to be steady. Currently, the Group’s Shanghai Foreign Service (Group) Co., Ltd is providing professional service for over 2.3 million employees in over 35,000 domestic and foreign enterprises, making it the No.1 brand in China’s HR service industry.

After many years of resource integration and devoted operation, the Group’s Exhibition & Events Service has formed a diversified management pattern featuring the combination of pavilion management with exhibition undertaking, the combination of government-organized exhibition with self-organized exhibition as well as the combination of exhibition with event activities. Currently, DLG Exhibition & Events group has been built into an all-value chain enterprise in the exhibition industry. It has accumulated rich experience in undertaking brand exhibitions and events such as CIIF, China Brand Day, CSITF, East China Fair, Shanghai International Advertising Festival, World Artificial Intelligence Conference, HR Technology China and Shanghai International Marathon.

Focusing on such five core products as staple commodities, consumer goods, medical & health care products, healthy food and gems & jade, the International Trade Service Segment of the Group has established multiple platforms such as the “6 Days + 365 Days” One-stop Trading Services Platform, Import Commodities Center and China Gems & Jade Exchange, thus providing important platform support for Shanghai to perfect its production elements market, enhance its capacity of global resource allocation and speed up the construction of Shanghai as an International Trade Center.

Boasting multiple quality logistics institutions like Lansheng Building and International Trade Center, the Real Estate Segment attaches great importance to business format updating through technological innovation and shows up prominently in the fields like smart building, smart venue, smart community, smart water affairs and smart property management, thus contributing to the construction of Shanghai as a Smart City.

Adhering to the practice of central funds management and striving to promote “Finance-Industry Integration”, the Investment Segment has set up an investment company, an HR industry fund and an exhibition & convention industry fund to support and promote the development of the Group’s core business.



近年来,本会曾先后参与承办“国际商会32届世界大会”、“2001APEC CEO峰会”、“国际律协第19届国际仲裁日大会”及“上海市市长国际企业家咨询会议”、“上海—关西经济研究会”等各种国际性会议、经贸研讨会和业务洽谈会;主办以上海国际汽车展、模具设备展、婚纱摄影器材展、染料展和亚洲消费电子展等为代表的大型国际性展览,并组织境内企业赴海外参加近百个国际展览会。


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