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Opening-up to further boost global recovery
China's unswerving push for high-level opening-up will boost confidence in and create new growth engines for world economic recovery, according to global business leaders and analysts.…
Release time:2022-05-20
Continued opening-up vital for GDP
With draft version of catalog, scope for foreign investment broadened…
Release time:2022-05-19
China still priority for companies from US
China remains a priority market for companies of the United States, with many of them believing it is vital to stay competitive in this market in order to win globally, the American Chamber of Commerce in China said in a white paper on Tuesday.…
Release time:2022-05-18
Economy likely to recover after April doldrums
undamentals on firm footing as long-term growth prospects remain unchanged, NBS says…
Release time:2022-05-17
Mild, controllable inflation expected
China's inflation is expected to remain mild and controllable this year, leaving room for macro policy fine-tuning and adjustment, experts and analysts said on Wednesday.…
Release time:2022-05-12
PBOC steps up support for real economy
China is expected to deepen deposit rate reforms to lower corporate financing costs as part of the central bank's well-calibrated efforts to strike a balance between stabilizing economic growth and sheltering from the risk of capital outflows, economic experts said on Tuesday.…
Release time:2022-05-11
China's foreign trade growth will support economic stability
China's foreign trade grew by 7.9 percent to 12.58 trillion yuan ($1.88 trillion) in the first four months of 2022, official data showed on Monday.…
Release time:2022-05-10
US slowdown may impact China's exports
The risk of the US economy slowing down and even falling into recession could add another layer of uncertainty to the Chinese economy in terms of export growth and financial stability, underlining the necessity for China to strengthen its domestic economy, experts said.…
Release time:2022-05-09
Strategic competition shouldn't be zero sum
It is now widely accepted that the economic and technological relationship between the United States and China will be characterized by some combination of strategic cooperation and strategic competition.…
Release time:2022-05-07
Shanghai tries to get back to work amid outbreak
While efforts to contain COVID-19 continue in Shanghai, the city's key industries and enterprises are gradually resuming production to ensure the needs of industrial and supply chains can be met.…
Release time:2022-04-25
Measures for the Implementation of Automatic Import License for Mechanical and Electrical Products
Release time:2018-12-05
Measures for the Administration of Import of Specified Used Electromechanical Products
Release time:2018-11-27
Intelligent and high-end equipment import process
【High-end Intelligent Equipment】
Release time:2018-10-24
Import process of consumer electronics and household appliances
【Consumer Electronics & Appliances】
Release time:2018-10-24
Procedures for the import of precious jade and its products
【Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods】
Release time:2018-10-18