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China's foreign trade up 22% in Jan-Nov
BEIJING -- China's total imports and exports expanded 22 percent year-on-year to 35.39 trillion yuan ($5.55 trillion) in the first 11 months of 2021, official data showed Tuesday.…
Release time:2021-12-07
PBOC to cut reserve requirement ratio
Release time:2021-12-06
Cutting tariffs on Chinese goods would help curb US inflation
Removing tariffs on Chinese goods will ease historic inflation in the United States, experts and trade group officials said, as US President Joe Biden has vowed to make curbing consumer prices a top priority.…
Release time:2021-12-03
China expected to exceed economic target
Despite the threats posed by COVID-19 variants and supply constraints, China is on track to achieve economic growth well above its target this year with a controllable inflation level, officials and experts said.…
Release time:2021-12-02
Closer Sino-African partnership for win-win results
The two-day Eighth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, which concluded on Tuesday, reviewed the FOCAC's achievements since its establishment in 2000 and vowed to take China-Africa cooperation to a higher level in accordance with the theme of the conference, "Deepen China-Africa Partnership and Promote Sustainable Development to Build a China-Africa Community with a Shared Future in the New Era".…
Release time:2021-12-01
Economic policies aim to stabilize growth as virus stirs global markets
China's macroeconomic policies aim to minimize cyclical fluctuations and stabilize growth through structural adjustments, preventing a sharp slowdown and avoiding aggressive stimulus measures, according to officials and experts.…
Release time:2021-11-29
China, Africa to further boost ties
Days after he was elected China's president in March 2013, Xi Jinping embarked on his first overseas trip as head of state. Three of the tour's four destinations were African countries.…
Release time:2021-11-26
Foreign trade to see focus on opening-up
China is expected to make strenuous efforts to promote high-quality development of foreign trade during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), which will pivot on high-level opening-up, innovation and green development, said government officials and trade experts.…
Release time:2021-11-25
Premier vows great strides in opening-up
Premier Li Keqiang pledged greater strides in opening up the Chinese market to foreign investors and heightened protection of intellectual property rights during an inspection trip to Shanghai on Monday and Tuesday.…
Release time:2021-11-24
Efforts underway to keep growth target on fairway
China is preparing new measures to counter economic headwinds and realign its GDP with stated growth targets this year and next, such as expansionary fiscal moves and accommodative monetary support alongside efforts to secure the job market, according to experts.…
Release time:2021-11-23
Measures for the Implementation of Automatic Import License for Mechanical and Electrical Products
Release time:2018-12-05
Measures for the Administration of Import of Specified Used Electromechanical Products
Release time:2018-11-27
Intelligent and high-end equipment import process
【High-end Intelligent Equipment】
Release time:2018-10-24
Import process of consumer electronics and household appliances
【Consumer Electronics & Appliances】
Release time:2018-10-24
Procedures for the import of precious jade and its products
【Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods】
Release time:2018-10-18