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Experts: Economy still on track to steady growth
The Chinese economy is still on track to a steady recovery with a gradual normalization of activities and strong policy support, as profits at China's major industrial companies declined at a slower pace in August, officials and experts said on Tuesday.…
Release time:2022-09-28
Exports face challenges, and new opportunities
In August, China's exports grew 7.1 percent year-on-year in terms of US dollars, lower than expected.…
Release time:2022-09-26
Experts see room for more lending rate cuts
The recent cuts to deposit rates effected by some Chinese commercial banks have increased room for the country's benchmark lending rates to decline in the coming months and give more support to the economy, experts said on Wednesday.…
Release time:2022-09-22
Interest rate cut feasible tool to spur growth
While a number of central banks are expected to announce big tightening steps this week to beat inflation, China may continue to go in the opposite direction by tamping down interest rates in the coming months to spur growth, experts said on Tuesday.…
Release time:2022-09-21
Jan-Aug FDI up 16%, likely to grow this year
China's many strengths, advantages seen attracting foreign capital flows…
Release time:2022-09-20
FDI into Chinese mainland saw remarkable increase in Jan-Aug
Actual use foreign direct investment into the Chinese mainland expanded 16.4 percent on a yearly basis to 892.74 billion yuan in the first eight months of 2022, the Ministry of Commerce said on Monday.…
Release time:2022-09-19
Express shipping speeds goods to Russia, Europe
The maiden voyage on the China-Russia express route between the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area and Vladivostok, Russia, was launched on Wednesday at Qingdao Port in Shandong province.…
Release time:2022-09-15
China heating product exports to Europe surge
Despite it still being summer in Europe, China's exports of heating appliances, including electric heaters, electric blankets and air source heat pumps, have witnessed explosive growth this year as the continent is in the grip of its biggest energy crisis in decades, with natural gas supplies from Russia becoming volatile, industry experts said.…
Release time:2022-09-14
Provinces take lead in stabilizing growth
China's major provincial economies are stepping up efforts to stabilize the growth in their regions, with strong focus on expanding effective investment and spurring consumption, as the central government has called on them to take the lead in supporting the country's economy.…
Release time:2022-09-13
Drought shrinks China's biggest freshwater lake to 10% of usual size
Lake Poyang, the largest freshwater body in China, has declined to just 10 percent of its normal size since the onset of drought in August, according to the local water resources authority.…
Release time:2022-09-08
Measures for the Implementation of Automatic Import License for Mechanical and Electrical Products
Release time:2018-12-05
Measures for the Administration of Import of Specified Used Electromechanical Products
Release time:2018-11-27
Intelligent and high-end equipment import process
【High-end Intelligent Equipment】
Release time:2018-10-24
Import process of consumer electronics and household appliances
【Consumer Electronics & Appliances】
Release time:2018-10-24
Procedures for the import of precious jade and its products
【Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods】
Release time:2018-10-18