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China's CPTPP move seen as good for world
Release time:2021-09-18
China leads global 6G patent applications
The US and Japan took second and third spots on the list with 35.2 and 9.9 percent 6G patent filings, respectively, followed by Europe with 8.9 percent and South Korea with 4.2 percent, the report said.…
Release time:2021-09-17
China stresses value of US business ties
Release time:2021-09-15
More than 1m 5G base stations up by end of August
​Technicians with the Beijing branch of China Tower Corp work at a 5G base station in Beijing. [Photo provided to China Daily]…
Release time:2021-09-13
Trade ties with ASEAN will expand to unleash potential
Release time:2021-09-10
China-US ties must remain stable, official says
Release time:2021-09-08
China's exports soar from January to August
China's exports soared 23.2 percent on a yearly basis in the first eight months of this year, largely benefiting from the world's growing demand for both high-value-added and labor-intensive products, experts and business leaders said on Tuesday.…
Release time:2021-09-07
Nation to advance financial opening-up
Release time:2021-09-06
Land-sea corridor work in western region to shift into higher gear
China will speed up the construction of a land-sea corridor in its western region over the next five years in a bid to further boost high-quality development and connectivity, the country's top economic regulator said on Thursday.…
Release time:2021-09-03
Experts call for bigger role of futures in real economy
China's futures market should improve services provided to companies and further open up to international investors to better serve the real economy, experts said during a forum on Wednesday.…
Release time:2021-09-02
Measures for the Implementation of Automatic Import License for Mechanical and Electrical Products
Release time:2018-12-05
Measures for the Administration of Import of Specified Used Electromechanical Products
Release time:2018-11-27
Intelligent and high-end equipment import process
【High-end Intelligent Equipment】
Release time:2018-10-24
Import process of consumer electronics and household appliances
【Consumer Electronics & Appliances】
Release time:2018-10-24
Procedures for the import of precious jade and its products
【Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods】
Release time:2018-10-18