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Three breakthroughs of customs policy have been made

In order to make it easier and more efficient for overseas exhibitors to do business in China at the first China international import expo, three policies——extending the entry time of exhibits, switching modes for exhibition and bonded goods, and exempting Chinese labels for pre-packaged food products have been made.

According to the Shanghai customs, with the approval of the general administration of customs, the first entry period for the temporary entry exhibition products of the ATA exhibition under the ATA import expo is extended from 6 months to 1 year.

This means that the import expo exhibition "passport" is valid for six months longer than the general import exhibition, which is beneficial for overseas exhibitors to continue to use the imported exhibition products to expand the market in China after the import expo, and further expand the exhibition effect of import expo.

The ATA document is a special customs document created by the world customs organization for 

the temporary import of goods.

For enterprises with a long promotion cycle, such as automobile, mechanical equipment and high-end cultural products, the regular 6-month endorsement period is often not enough and they need to apply for the extension procedures.

In addition to the extension of the time limit for the entry of exhibits, after the closing of the first import expo in mid-november, relevant exhibition products were carried forward to the special supervision areas and bonded supervision places of the customs, and the customs approved the cancellation of the case.

Shanghai customs said the new regulation is mainly due to the fact that many exhibitors have plans to keep their inbound exhibits in China for bonded display.

According to the current regulations of the customs, imported exhibits should be transported out of the country in principle after the exhibition ends. Even if these exhibits hope to continue to seek buyers through bonded exhibition in China, they must actually "go home" for one trip, and can only declare the entry again after completing related procedures.

The latest solution has found a temporary "new home" for entry exhibits in China.

Particular way is, after the import expo concluded, hope to bonded display, continue to stay in China to find a buyer of the exhibits, can carry forward to the areas under special customs supervision and bonded and supervisory areas, transact the relevant procedures without actual exit to return "home", the nature of the goods is transferred from the exhibits to the bonded goods, then can be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the of the bonded goods in bonded display and other related business.

For the convenience of the related exhibition import expo food enterprises to carry out marketing, is immune from labeled with Chinese customs regulation related pre-packaged food labels, but exhibitors must beside the exhibits indicating name, shelf life, food taboos in Chinese and method such as information, convenient import expo the audience to choose according to individual circumstance is judgment.

The Shanghai customs office stressed that the exemption of Chinese labels did not mean a relaxation of the epidemic.

Customs will carry out risk assessment in advance for pre-packaged food used for tasting and distribution at the import expo.

For food products that have quarantine entry requirements in the inspection and quarantine restriction list of the first China international import expo 2018, they can only be allowed to participate after risk assessment has been confirmed that there is no risk of epidemic disease transmission.


Source: Xinhua News