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The First council of the China International Import Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Service Alliance was established.



Under the guidance of the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Alliance has produced the first council of the China International Import Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Service Alliance. The chairman of the board of directors is the sponsor of the alliance Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd., the chairman of the board is the president of Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. Cao Yu; the vice chairman unit is Oriental International (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Overseas High Bridge Group Co., Ltd., the vice chairman of the board of directors of Dongfang International (Group) Co., Ltd. Zhu Jidong and the Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Hao. The Secretary General is Shanghai Donghao Lansheng Group Import Commodities Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., and the Secretary General is Chen Weiquan, General Manager of Shanghai Donghao Lansheng Group Import Commodities Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. The governing unit of the alliance consists of 26 exhibition and sales platforms.


 The meeting clarified the goals of the alliance

To provide exhibitors and buyers of China International Import Expo with comprehensive and multi-channel services, launch the “Shanghai Shopping” brand, and amplify the import promotion and spillover effects.


 Analyze the mission of the alliance

It will organize high-level, high-quality, high-standard on-site supporting activities, carry out industry docking before, during and after the exhibition, increase the procurement organization of relevant professional fields, and achieve the precision of exhibitors from Shanghai buyers and import fairs. Industry docking.


The conference introduced the “6+365” one-stop trading platform ( of China International Import Expo to the members of the alliance. Shichen, the Foreign Trade Development Office of the Municipal Commerce Commission, made recommendations on the future development of the alliance.


Representatives from five members of the Alliance, including Oriental International, Xijiao International, Waigaoqiao Operation Center, Huachen You'an and Gaodaowu, respectively, exchanged views on how their respective corporate platforms play a role in the alliance and contribute to the China International Import Expo. . In the future, the Alliance will continue to create a platform for members to communicate with each other.

As the chairman of the alliance, Cao Yu, president of Donghao Lansheng Group, issued an initiative at the meeting:


Take the initiative and go all out.

 All members of the Alliance Alliance will grasp the major development opportunities and spillover effects brought about by the Import Expo. By providing a full-scale, all-weather "6 days + 365 days" exhibition and sales service, we actively promote purchase transactions and facilitate the entry of high-quality goods into China.


Concentrate on strength and merge into force.

Through strengthening communication and communication, the alliance will form alliance brand benefits, strengthen interactive exchanges, build information sharing platforms, conduct policy discussions, and sort out response industry demands.


Give full play to your strengths and focus on the key points.

 The Alliance will actively guide the professional advantages of its members in their respective fields, actively engage the buyers and suppliers of the Import Expo, actively connect with the other three major alliance platforms, and strive to make the Exhibition and Exhibition Service Alliance become information interaction, professional complementarity, business interaction, A platform for cooperation and exchange of resources.


 At the end of the meeting, the Alliance launched business training to introduce the use of the professional audience registration system for the Import Expo.


List of twenty-six directors of exhibition and exhibition platforms

1. Shanghai Hongqiao Business District Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center

2. Donghao Lansheng “Belt and Road” Import Commodities Exhibition Center

3. Wujiao World Trade Shanghai Import Commodity Exhibition Center

4. Feng Group – Lichengfang Smart Supply Chain Platform

5. Oriental International Grapena Life Import Products Exhibition Center

6. National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Shanghai)

7. Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Intelligent Manufacturing Service Industrial Park

8. Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Cosmetics Exhibition and Trading Center

9. Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Wine Display and Trading Center

10. Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Exhibition and Exhibition Center

11. You'an Tiandi Import Food Trade Industrial Park

12. Shanghai Free Trade Zone Red Wine Trading Center

13. 365me Industrial Trading Service Cloud Platform

14. Donghaolan Shengbao Jade Industry Platform

15. Shanghai Xijiao International Agricultural Products Trading Center

16. Shanghai Agricultural Products Wholesale Market

17. Australian Commodity Center

18. Chilean Commodity Center

19. Central and Eastern European 16 Commodity Centers

20. Italian Handmade Customized Display Trading Center

21. Oriental International Import Commodities Country Exhibition Center

22. Shanghai Takashimaya Japan Imports Exhibition and Trade Center

23. Xihua Group Zhiyu International Trade Co., Ltd.

24. Shanghai Hongqiao Free Trade City Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd.

25. Yuexing Group

26. Shanghai Greenland Commercial (Group) Co., Ltd.