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China sees rising complaints in emerging sectors


China saw rising consumer complaints from its emerging sectors including non-fungible tokens, platform business and livestreaming e-commerce last year, according to the State Administration for Market Regulator, China's top market regulator.

Last year, more than 59,700 cases of consumer appeals were related to NFTs, including non-delivery, non-refund, maliciously driving up prices and charging high fees, which was a huge contrast with the 198 cases received in the previous year.

Platform economy-related technologies like big data algorithms have driven up price complaints in the online shopping sector reaching 106,700 in total last year, up 99.03 percent year-on-year, mainly with problems including big data discrimination and real-time changes in transaction prices.

As the country's e-commerce sector continues to boom, the overall complaints from online shopping accounted for more than half of the total consumer complaints. Last year, related complaints and appeals for online shopping increased by 56.38 percent year-on-year.

Among them, more than 220,900 cases were related to livestreaming e-commerce last year, up 1.15 times year-on-year, while appeals for transborder e-commerce problem rose by 42.63 percent year-on-year to 334,500 cases.

Last year, the SAMR received a total of 29.41 million consumer complaints, appeals and consultations.

Through dealing with these cases, the administration has helped save 4.52 billion yuan ($655 million) of economic losses for consumers, which has effectively protected the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

It also received more customers' complaints regarding new energy vehicles in 2022, a rise of 62.84 percent year-on-year to 16,000 cases, in contract service, quality and false advertising.


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