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Eighteen Sub-delegations

Shanghai Trading Degelation builds 18 sub-delegations in Shanghai, including 16 district sub-delegations, state-owned enterprise sub-delegation and service trade sub-delegation. Wu Qing, deputy mayor of Shanghai, leads Shanghai Trading Delegation and officers from Shanghai Commission of Commerce take the role of general secretary. The secretariat office is set in Shanghai Commission of Commerce.

Secretariat Office for Cooperation and Exchange
Affairs of the Government of Shanghai

Secretariat Office
(Room 905, Building 7, 300 Shibocun Road)

021-23110694, 021-23110695

Information Submission Department of Secretariat Office


External Contact Point of Secretariat Office
(Level 24, Building A, 85 Loushanguan Road)

021-62785368, 021-62789999*2322

  • Shanghai Municiple Governmental Institutions
  • Sub-delegations
  • Comprehensive Information
  • Shanghai Municiple Governmental Institutions

    Liu Yi 13917087200

    Luo Peiyan 13701904705

    Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau; Shenkang Hospital Development Center; Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning; Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce; Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission; Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization; Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration; Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision; Shanghai Agriculture Commission; Beijing Communications Administration; Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration; Shanghai People’s Administration for Friendship with Foreign Countries
    Yu Rong 13601876537
    Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau; Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office; Shanghai Customs District P.R. China; Shanghai Municipal Office for Port Services; Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau
    Yang Yang 13621600908
    Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce; Shanghai Office of Cyberspace Affairs Commission; Shanghai Ministry of Copyright, Science and Technology Commission Shanghai Municipal; CPIT
    Ma Qiongyi 13611913428
    Shanghai Department of Publicity; Shanghai Municipal Commission of Transport; Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV; Shanghai Administration of Press Publication Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration; Shanghai Municipal Education Commission; Shanghai Municipal Sports Commission
  • -


    Li Guanglin 13601946750
    Lu Yingfei 13918358353
    Pan Qi 13801653913
    Ni Feng 13601987113
    Lu Yinwei 13917755104
    Zheng Jing 13301757763
    Wang Wei 13601953547
    Xu Zhongyuan 18521563136
    Zhou Qing 13661555513
    State-owned Enterprises
    Ma Qiongyi 13611913428
  • -

    Comprehensive Information

    Yan Weiyong 13611773251

    Qian Yunmi 13817752565

    Ji Xinting 15921665614
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