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Trading Delegations
CIIE will become a hot spot again
On the morning of January 27th, the second meeting of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress was opened. Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong made a government work report on behalf of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. China International Import Expo was mentioned twice in the report.
Carrefour introduces French chilled beef and smashes it
The first China International Import Expo held in Shanghai not only attracted the attention of the world, but also brought great benefits to the pursuit of a better life for Chinese consumers.
Three Important Events of the Closing Day
Three heavy events on the closing day
Donghao Lansheng participated in the centralized signing of the Shanghai Trading Delegation
On the morning of November 7, the on-site signing ceremony of the Shanghai Capital Group's state-owned group was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).
This pair of "buyers" and "sellers" can actually chat three times at CIIE
On November 8th, the large-scale retail buyer alliance of one of the “four major alliances” of the Shanghai Trading Group conducted a centralized signing. Liu Yanyan, general manager of Shanghai Sanlian (Group) Co., Ltd., and Dumano, the president of Essilor Greater China, sat side by side, and the signing ceremony had not yet begun. The two chatted again.
Shanghai trading delegation on-site supporting activities are brilliant
On the morning of November 7, the Shanghai Assets Trading Group held a centralized signing ceremony for the first China International Import Expo at the Parallel Forum A1 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The party secretary Li Qiang attended and witnessed the project signing.
The Shanghai-based foreign-invested business giant is not only exhibiting, but also one of the sponsors of the Shanghai Trading Delegation’s large retailers’ alliance
​The first China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai. Metro China, headquartered in Shanghai, is both an exhibitor and a purchaser. It is also one of the sponsors of the large-scale retailer alliance among the ‘four major procurement alliances’ of the Shanghai Trading Delegation. It was selected by the Municipal Commerce Commission as one of the four centralized distribution enterprises for food and beverage raw materials in the venue.
Shanghai Trading Delegation
Fujian Trading Delegation