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Solemn Statement
China International Import Expo (CIIE) "6+365" One-Stop Trading Services Platform is solely authorized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. The sole official website is
The platform has never authorized any other website to publish relevant information and provide comprehensive services. Please stay cautious and pay close attention so as to protect yourself from fraud. The platform will bear no liability if you apply for the visit or participation through methods other than the official website and suffer losses therefrom. The platform reserves the right to investigate the corporate and individual infringers' responsibilities.
Hereby Declare
China International Import Expo (CIIE)
"6+365" One-Stop Trading Services Platform
Shanghai Trading Deleations "2+4+18" Vertical Trading Security System for Procurement
Distinctive "2"
The platform is buiIt to provide all-direction,multi-channel and mode services for premiium commodities technologies and services to enter the Chinese market , which is made up of two platforms ,oneline and offline.
Online: China International Import Expo "6 + 365 " One-Stop Trading Service Platform
Offline: China International Import Expo "6 + 365 " Permanent Exhibition and Trade Platform
Integrated Function Platform
Cross-border E-commerce Platform
Professional Trade Platform
National Commodity Center
Shanghai Trading Delegation integrates industry leaders and builds four functional alliances,which are led by leading enterprises and initiated by key enterprises providing professional and whole-flow sevices for exhibitors.
Alliance of Large -Scale Retailers
Alliance of Large-scale Retailers has shown its basic impact of top retailers on brick-and-mortar retails. The alliance is composed of domestic retailers like Bailian Group, Bright Food Group and Greeland Business Group, and foreign-invested retailers like Metro and Walmart, which enables off-line retailers to attend China International Import Expo as a group.
For any questions, please contact Fu Jichun who is in charge of the Alliance of Large-scale Retailers at 63322730
Alliance of comprehensive Trade Service Providers
Alliance of Intergrated Service Providers integrates Top 500 import and export companies in China. With the help of Orient International Group, Donghao Lansheng Group, Origin Supply Chain and other integrated service providers, the alliance offers exhibitors full supporting services including business development, trade, logistics, customs declaration, quarantine inspcetion and other related services.
For any questions, please contact Shi Dongyi at 021-62726123 and Sun Rutao at 22110288* 5189, who are in charge of the Alliance of Intergrated Service Providers.
Alliance of Cross-border Import E-commerce
Alliance of Cross-border E-commerce is composed of famous domestic cross-border e-commerce companies, including Tmall Global, Yangmatou and NetEase Kaola. The alliance provides an import purchase channel for exhibitors to enjoy the Chinese import market at billions of dollars.
For any questions, please contact He Jianming who is in charge of the Alliance of Cross-border E-commerce at 22365552.
Alliance of Display Platform
Alliance of Display Platform integrates bonded display platforms in Shanghai with the help of Donghao Lansheng Group, including Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Exhibition and Trading Center of Wine and Beverage, Cosmetics and Vehicles, Hongqiao CBD Commodity Exhibition Center and 16 Central and Eastern European Counties Pavilions. The alliance offers diversified and accurate exhibition and trade services for exhibitors.
For any questions, please contact Xu Lianghui who is in charge of the Alliance of Display Platform at 62300339-809.
Full-coverage "18"
Led by the government of shanghai 18 sub-delegations are built including 16 District sub-delegations state-owned Enterprise Sub-delegation and service Trade Sub-delegation.