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As an important part of the "6 plus 365" trading service platform of the Shanghai Trade Group, Yi Carp Purchase is backed by Donghao Lansheng International Trade Group, bringing together the integration of many imported goods, domestic sales channels, manpower and other resources within the Group, and exploring the "Internet and New Retail" model in line with Donghao Lansheng International Trade. To the public number, micro-mall as a starting point, linked to the National Convention and Exhibition Center offline commodity experience hall, for many small and medium-sized customers and products abroad to provide a rapid access to the Chinese market channels, to undertake and enlarge the expo's driving effect and spillover effect.

"SpIC" began in 1966, is the first state-owned brand established after the reform of the state-owned private sector before liberation, inheriting the predecessor of the "Hongji People's Livelihood" business philosophy. At that time, the main production of antibiotics, analgesics, insect repellents, stomach antispass drugs and other drugs, by the disease trapped people welcome. After the reform and opening up, the reform of state-owned enterprises so that "the drug SPIC" has become the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Health Products Import and Export Co., Ltd. brand, with the first batch of Chinese medical and health care brands out of the country, has been well-known in more than 130 countries and regions, is the key development of Shanghai's export brands. Since 2014, it has been awarded the honorary title of "Famous Trademark of Shanghai"."

"On the drug SPIC" continue to carry forward the "Hongji people's livelihood" spirit, adhere to bring safe and reliable food products for the people, and truly achieve "old state-owned enterprises, rest assured quality.