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Document Downloads

Published Date Document Title Types Download
2019-06-17 2019 China International Import Expo Exhibition AreaChina International Import Expo
2018-11-02 The list of Banks providing RMB cross-border trade financing services for CIIESource: Cross Border Financial Services Committee of the Shanghai Financial Society
2018-10-30 2018 RMB internationalization reportSource: THE PEOPLE'S BANK OF CHINA
2018-10-30 Exhibition Intellectual Property Protection MeasuresSource:The ministry of commerce
2018-10-30 Convention on the Temporary Importation of GoodsSource:General Administration of Customs
2018-10-30 Animals and plants and their products and special items that need to be approved for entrySource:Shanghai Customs
2018-10-30 Notice of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Doing a Good Job in the Guarantee of the First China International Import ExpoSource:General Administration of Markets
2018-10-30 Shanghai customs first China international import expo food and cosmetic exhibition instructionsSource:Shanghai Customs
2018-10-30 Shanghai Customs Announcement on Entry Verification of the First China International Import ExpoSource:Shanghai Customs
2018-10-30 Compulsory certification product catalogue incorporated into customs supervisionSource:Shanghai Customs
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